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Elite Conditioning Virtual Studio

Taking you from “I can’t”

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Elite Conditioning Virtual Studio

Welcome to the Elite Conditioning Studio made up of 4 modules that can you mix and match to suit YOUR goals & lifestyle:

Shred 20, Stronger Together, Lift Lean & Prime Coaching.

Platinum = 4 modules £67

Gold = 3 modules £57

Silver = 2 modules £47

Bronze = 1 module £30


Sign up here to mix and match the modules to suit you, you will be sent a form to complete to let us know your goals and module choices and offered a 1-2-2 consulation on zoom should you require assistance with which programs are best suited to your goal.


Shred 20 is our revolutionary Shred 20 program designed to help you get the most out of your workout time. These daily 20 minute workouts offer fitness component specific workouts in less time and are based on high intensity, short duration, leading to faster weight loss, greater endurance, and improved athletic performance.

• Award winning HIIT classes that fit into your morning perfectly

• Live 5 days a week at 7am 

• Quick effective workouts at just 20 minutes 

• Beginner and advanced options make it just the right amount of challenging for all to feel amazing for the rest of the day 

• Recorded for catch up later in the day so no excuses 

Shred 20 LIVE & On Demand

Monday 4th October – Friday 29th October

Monday 1st November – Friday 26th November

Monday 29th November – Friday 24th December (A mix of on demand and LIVE)

Price for 20 days = £30


Stronger Together is our award winning health & wellness program. 30 days of access to our virtual studio.

• Low impact bodyweight award winning classes.

• Live 6 times a week

• 30 minute workouts including Pilates, Piyo, FLEX, yoga, box fit

• Classes designed to strengthen, tone and increase fitness without putting pressure on the body.

• Recorded for catch up so no excuses.

Starts the 1st of every month.

1 month commitment = £30


Lift Lean is our resistance training program from home.

• Equipment based fun workouts perfect for mid life women.

• 3 x 20-30 minute lift lean workouts each week (3 live and 1 pre-recorded) & access to our on-demand library of resistance workouts. 

• Designed to increase muscle tone, definition, strength, fitness, and endurance.

• Transform your shape and feel energised.

• Reduce mid section weight gain and increase clarity and focus.


Starts the 1st of every month

1 month commitment = £30


Prime Coaching is our 7 day focused nutrition & lifestyle coaching course to kick-start and help keep you on track over the month.

• Supportive community working towards common goals.

• 7 day focus each month covering various midlife protocols that cause the waistline to bloat & energy levels to dip, mindset and motivation.

• Nutritional meal plans and/or framework help to build your own.

• Recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

• Regular live coaching to keep you on track and motivated.

• Accompanied by 7 x mini lift lean workouts 5 live + 2 recorded over the week focus (all recorded for catch up / playback over the month)

October theme “Kick start fat loss sprinter” – Starts 18th October (group open for pre-planning from 11th October)
November theme “Mid-section meltdown” – Starts 15th November (group open for planning from 8th November)
December theme “Beat the Turkey – Stress & emotional eating” – Starts 13th December (group open for planning from 13th December)


Starts mid-month to help plan and set up the right balance and focus for the following month.

1 month commitment = £30


Meet the Team

With a combined industry experience of over 43 years. Karen, Kirsty, Ellie and Lisa form the Elite Strong Fitness team