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Taking you from “I can’t”

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Bracknell Half Marathon 2014
Lady Butterflies

In a year Karen and her running groups have taken me from being a non-runner who puffed from walking up the stairs to someone who has just completed their first half marathon which is well beyond what I had hoped for. I may have grumbled a bit during the weekly group sessions but Karen always instilled confidence in what I could achieve.  This is the first time I have ever consistently exercised and enjoyed it…running is now part of my weekly routine.  This has also meant that I have dropped 2 and a half stone in weight without depriving myself of food and for once I  feel like a fit person.  I had resided to my self that middle age meant that I would inevitably carry a bit extra weight and that was just life…but now this is not the reality. So thanks a million Karen and all the fab ladies who join in the fun. Lady Bug, Bird, Bee and Butterfly April 2013 – April 2014

“Before I joined Elite Conditioning’s sessions, my attempts at running were normally concluded with “I’m not a runner” statements and not quite getting over the 5 week mark with Couch to 5K apps – within 6 weeks on Lady Bugs, I was able to run 5K! I then decided to sign up for Lady Bees to improve my 5K time and whilst I am not the fastest runner, I have learnt how to push myself harder and to go faster when I would have reverted to a slow jog! Karen shares her wealth of running knowledge and experiences with her groups and her sessions are always balanced with an element of fun. I’ve met a great bunch of ladies with both Bugs and Bees groups and whether you are the fastest or the slowest, the camaraderie and encouragement is the same. Thank you Karen!” Lady Bug and Lady bee, Jan – June 2014

 ‘Happiness is trying on a pair of pre pregnancy jeans assuming they still don’t fit… & Discovering they not only fit but you can sit down without fear of rupturing vital internal organs!! Thank you Karen Burles & Lady Butterfly’s for keeping me motivated!! #loverunning! ‘ Lady Butterfly Jan 2015

‘I have loved the Lady Bees course – thanks for making it fun and supportive Karen but pushing me at the same time. I never thought I would be able to run a mile as fast as I now can! The training plan has given me a different way to approach my running and I am enjoying it so much more. On to Lady Birds next so

' After completing their first ever 5k '
‘ After completing their first ever 5k ‘

I can aim for a 10k PB!’ Lady Bug and Bee Jan – June 2014

“Just finishing my first stint as a Lady Bee and have loved it – learnt a lot, made sure I get running every week and made some good friends to keep me company whilst covering those miles – the 5-10km course next” Lady Bee April 2014

” I was not sure what to expect from the course but have learnt loads in terms of different types of training, speed work which I have never really done before but also has made me think differently and I have pushed myself harder than ever before! Would definately recommend it and look forward to seeing if I can apply it all and get the marathon time I want later in the year.’ Chris, Flying Bird January – April & April – June 2013

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After Completing the Bracknell Half Marathon as a Lady Butterfly

” Yay emergency fat jeans are now officially unemployed…..10 weeks of cleaning eating with Heidi Strickland-Clark training with Karen Burles-Nash and Running with Elite Conditioning and her Lady Bugs and my regular jeans are feeling just great. Been an amazing journey this far and I’ve met some truly lovely people along the way. Thank you all. Happy days x ” Jane, Lady Bug and Lady Bird April – June 2013

” Just a quick one to say thank u for all your encouragement. so chuffed i’ve managed 10k so soon, now to do it in under and hour… 🙂 thank you. would never have got here so soon without you. Helen, Lady Bird April – June 2013

” Thanks as always for your encouragement and support! I am pretty bloody chuffed with myself – never thought I would be still be running at the end of the course and soooo much faster! Can’t wait for 5 to 10k course. Bring it on!! ” Nikki, Lady Bug Jan- April 2013

Lady Birds Photo
Lady Birds 2013

” Just wanted to thank you for getting me to where I am today, who would have thought 8weeks ago I would be able to complete the 5k in about 35minutes, I am so pleased with myself ” Michelle, Lady Bug April – June 2013 ” I am we’ll impressed with times! I have really enjoyed the course thank you 🙂 ” Claire, Lady Bug April – June 2013

” I really enjoyed tonight’s class. Lady Bugs has been excellent. I’m really pleased with the progress I’ve made and am actually looking forward to doing the time trial again next week!! ” Hilary Grealis, Lady Bugs Jan-April 2013