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Karen Burles P.T.

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Running Technique Overview

Taking you from
“I can’t”

Running Technique Overview

Run better

Running Group Technique Overview

We can all run right? But are you running the way your body was designed to? Our modern lives force us to put our bodies into unnatural positions for prolonged periods of time. This causes our muscles to shorten and tighten putting our posture out of alignment and restricting range of motion at our joints. Running in a restricted body can put you at risk of injury, slow down recovery and cause you to run inefficiently.

Our running coach Leigh offers a group coaching session where he will show you how to assess your running mobility, unlock mobility restrictions and get you running the way nature intended.

The session will last an hour and will include some discussion, warm up drills, some running related games and stretching.

Dates and Times

Once a term on a Saturday afternoon

Jan – Feb term

Date: Saturday 20th January

Time: 2 pm – 3 pm

Venue: Woodford Park, Woodley

£10 (Free to Official Elite Conditioning Running Bugs Members)

If you would like a more detailed personalised assessment Leigh also offers a 1-2-1 technique assessment where he will take slow motion video to asses your specific running gait and offer advice, coaching and a follow up report.

Running 1-2-1 Technique Overview

How well do you run? Our Running technique specialist Leigh can offer you a 60 minute assessment to review you running technique and offer advice and tips to help make you the most efficient runner you can be.

Whether your a new runner or a veteran it’s easy to get into bad habits that may increase your risk of injury or make you less efficient. Imagine discovering one simple tweak you can make to the way you run that could shave minutes off your personal best.
Leigh will observe your running style and take slow motion video to assess your posture, breathing, footstrike and measure your cadence. As well as receiving advice and coaching during the session you will receive a follow up report covering everything discussed on the day and further advice and resources to help you improve.

Dates and Times

Sunday’s and limited mid-week slots (Leigh will contact you to arrange a suitable time)


Woodford Park, Woodley


£40 inclusive of a 1-2-1 session, video Analysis and follow-up report