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Lady Butterflies – Half Marathon Training

Taking you from “I can’t”

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Lady Butterflies – Half Marathon Training

Lady Butterflies – Half Marathon Training

“I didn’t stop once, could hear you in my ears… saying follow the trainers in front then the next ones. Count down in 5K’s was really good. So feeling very pleased and couldn’t have done it without the Elite Conditioning ladies and you with all your encouragements.”

Wokingham Half Marathon Lady Butterfly, 2019


Lady Butterflies – Spring Half Marathon course for ladies who are able to run about 12 km confidently and wish to build a solid foundation to run a Half Marathon, mixed with hill training, technique session and intervals to keep running strong and injury free right up to race day. All under the guidance of a Running coach and group training plan. Runs for 7 weeks leading into several local half marathon’s including the Wokingham Half Marathon at the end of February 2022.

Monday 10th January – Monday 21st February   

9.15 am, Various, Bracknell / Binfield / Wokingham, Lisa / Karen

Tuesday 11th January – Tuesday 22nd February 

7.30 pm, Various Wokingham, Jo (some longer runs may start at the earlier time of 7 pm but will be open to group agreement)

Lady Butterflies Half Marathon group options