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Karen Burles P.T.

07913 410220

Audio RunCast Interval Sessions

Taking you from
“I can’t”

Audio RunCast Interval Sessions

Audio RunCasts

These links will give you access to our audio RunCast’s. From RunCast interviews with local REAL women runners to Interval sessions with Running Bugs Head Instructor Debbie and Karen leading you through to give your best.

A few formalities

Please ensure you are wearing the appropriate kit. Good running trainers and comfortable running wear.

Ensure you are well enough to run.

Stop if you feel unwell at all.

Ensure you follow the warm up instructions and complete a cool down stretch.

Interval Audio workout

A simple introduction to Timed intervals.

10 minute warm up

30 secs run / 30 secs easy x 8

5 minute cool down

Instructors: Karen and Debbie


Interval Audio workout (Coming soon!)

A more advanced Timed interval set.

10 minute warm up

60 secs run / 60 secs easy x 10

5 minute cool out

Instructors: Karen and Debbie

Audio RunCast Run & Chat (Coming Soon!)

A 45 minute Audio Run & Chat with Karen & Debbie to keep you moving, smiling and motivated for a 45 minute run where you will hear about how both Karen and Debbie have the same mental battles with running as you!

Instructors: Karen and Debbie