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Karen Burles P.T.

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Meet the Team

Taking you from
“I can’t”

Meet the Team

Karen Burles

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Level 3 Personal Trainer, Fitness class Instructor, Running Coach & Running Technique Instructor. Currently studing as a Level 4 Strength & Conditioning coach

“If it scares you,
it’s probably the thing you should do most.”

Running Mantra: The pain is never really real, it’s a case of mind over body

Karen Burles.  I have over 20 years fitness industry experience as a level 3 Personal trainer, focusing on weight loss clients for the first 10 years, a fully qualified Body Pump, RPM, Insanity, Boxercise, PiYo and boot camp instructor for 15 years at a local studio. In 2012 I trained as a Running Coach and Running Technique Instructor which brought a specialised division to Elite Conditioning with a focus on running and am more and more working with sports related fitness training with runners, footballers, rubgy players and team sportsmen & women.


Running Mantra:

The pain is never really real,
it’s a case of mind over body.

In 2012 I trained as a running coach and running technique instructor which brought a specialised division to Elite Conditioning with a focus on running and sports related fitness training.

I started running at 13 when I was spotted at a local school athletics meeting, I went on to compete for Berkshire in the 100, 200 and 400 m and came 7th in the county at 400 m indoors at under 17. Since then I have run over 20 half marathons, 9 marathons, 2 x 50 km ultra-marathons, a 50 mile ultra-marathon, Snowdon mountain marathon. 

Since training for a boxing match for charity back in 2019 I have made a return to Athletics competing as a Masters Athlete as a sprinter for both Reading AC and Great Britain.

My acheivements include:

2019: 4th 100 m European Masters Athletics Championship Final

2019: European Gold Medalist 4 x 100 m and British Record Holder

2019: European Silver medalist 4 x 400 m

2020: Double GB Indoor v40 British Champion 60 m & 200 m

2022: European Bronze Medalist 4 x 200 m 

2022: Double GB v40 British Champion 100 m & 200 m 

2022: 5th 100 m World Masters Athletics Championship Final

2022: World Bronze Medalist 200 m World Masters Athletics Championship Final

2022: British v40 200 m Record Breaker

2023: British v45 Indoor Champion 200 m

I literally embraced ‘all things fitness’ and like to inspire people with my passion and the belief that you can #achievetheunthinkable.


Kirsty Boswell


Level 3 Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, FLEX Instructor, Nutrition Coach & Menopause Expert

“Exercise is the solution to most problems”

I am known for being the “nice” one, but don’t be fooled! My gentle persuasion will get results. I am a big believer in taking small steps to gain the results you want. My approach comes from coaching and training clients in the corporate world then bringing those skills to nutrition and fitness.

Health Mantra:

Exercise to feel good

I love to break down the complicated and make it simple.  I became a personal trainer and nutrition coach 10 years ago because I needed to make exercise and good nutrition a part of my everyday life and I fell in love with teaching others to love it too. I now mostly focus on helping clients with improving strength, flexibility and mobility so they can be the best they can be and achieve the challenges they set themselves.

As I approach 50, I have honestly never been in better shape and love to take on a challenge or two, my happy place is hiking by the sea and a few years ago I completed an Ultra Challenge Jurassic Coast walk and would love to do more events like this. I can be persuaded to have a go at most things and in the past I have completed Reading Half Marathon and competed in the National Fitness Games with Karen. I have learned that you can do most things if you train with consistency and work hard but its always for fun and the love of feeling fit and strong.

Debbie Forrest


UKA Running & Trail Coach, Techique Running Coach & Level 2 Swim Teacher

“Your Capable of more than you think”

Seven years ago I was watching my daughter train with her running club and was inspired to start running.

We ran together, starting with 5km, progressing to 10km, and completed our first joint event the same year at Green Park 10km.

I decided then I wanted to run further and joined Elite Conditioning Half Marathon Class as a Lady Butterfly.

Running Mantra:

Just run and don’t stop

I have never stopped since. Progressing to run Half Marathons, Full marathons, Ultra Marathons and obtaining my coaching qualifications to allow me to train and inspire others in the sport I love.

Trail running has always been my passion, my happy place, the challenges of the terrain, hills, mountains, forests, sand, grass, stones and mud always providing a new experience on every run.

In 2016 | took on a new challenge with swimming to allow me to compete, together with my daughter, in Biathle events (RunSwimRun).

In Biathle I have represented our country in the World Championships every year since 2016, attaining bronze medal in 2016 and silver medalist in 2018.

I truly believe you are never too old learn new things. With the support of others your imagination is your only limitation.

It is an honour to be part of such a lovely inspiring Elite Conditioning team.

Lisa Smith

Lisa 2

Level 3 Personal Trainer, Running Coach and Gravity Yoga Instructor.

“Train, Believe and Achieve”

I came into running late in life but have never looked back. I started running to improve my health and fitness which it did, but now I run for so much more. Running with the Elite Conditioning groups encouraged me to train harder, run further and achieve goals I never believed were meant for me. The support and encouragement has enriched my life and I have made the most amazing friends. Feeling the need to share my experience, I trained as a running coach and have been so inspired watching and supporting others to achieve their running goals.

Running Mantra:

A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.

This combined with my teaching background drove me to qualify as a personal trainer and now I am for filling new dreams of helping more people to improve their quality of life through exercise. Despite the fast pace of life, we also need to take time for ourselves and in qualifying as a Gravity Yoga instructor I can now help you to achieve this. Gravity Yoga is all about improving mobility and flexibility through deep stretching so the perfect way to look after your body and mind. I am privileged to be pat of such an amazing team where we can offer you a huge range of ways to believe and achieve.

I am now a member of Finchampstead Coasters and love racing the cross countries with fellow runners and at 45 l am achieving personal goals I never believed were meant for me.

So come and join us, find your reasons to run and who knows what you could achieve!

Leanne Wellings


Level 3 Personal Trainer, UKA Running Coach, UKA Sprint Coach.

“Control the controllables.”

I’m known for my little acronym’s… and here’s what Leanne will bring to the team…

L for Leader, E for Empathy, A for Aspire, N for Nurture N for Ninja, (my special project) and E for Energy.


Running Mantra:

It’s hard to beat someone whose having fun.

Running and sport & fitness have always been in my DNA since the early days of winning school sports days, joining my local club Wycombe Phoenix Harriers and competing as a senior International sprinter representing Ireland. then took the step into coaching and love the reward of helping people achieve their goals.

Have achieved many personal steps, completing Tough Mudder, 3Peaks Challenge and more recently in 2022 winning medals at European Indoor and World Outdoor Masters. 

Athletics Championships. I can’t wait to coach with the amazing Elite Conditioning team and inspire you all to be the best that you can be.