Running Courses


Negative thoughts get in the way of success. If you’re thinking things like:

  • I don’t have enough time
  • I can’t afford it
  • I might look like an idiot
  • What if I fail?
  • I’m too old

Let Elite Conditioning turn that into positive thinking and an “I’m going to do it” attitude.

There are seven types of courses to cover all levels and needs:

Lady Bugs 0-5k  – Absolute beginners. A course for ladies only who have limited or no experience running.  Over the course you will learn to run safely and efficiently and build up distance gradually so by the end of 8 weeks you can run 5k. It’s in these early stages that gradual progression is required to build confidence and prevent injury.

5km/10km Run club A course for ladies only who can run at least 5k or 10k and wish to carrying on running but gain a gentle insight into how to improve speed, technique and efficiency.

Lady Bee’s Speed training – For ladies who can already run 5-10k and wanting to improve speed or chase a 5k or 10k PB over the summer. Includes specific interval sessions to help ignite those fast twitch muscle fibres – the course covers interval training, Fartlek training, hill sprints, greyhound runs, pyramid training, repeaters and further technique work to improve cadence and efficiency.

Lady Birds 5-10k – A course for ladies only who can or have run 5km and wish to continue to run regularly. We’ll build on your current strength and ability so that you’ll be fully prepared and able to tackle 10km in 6 weeks.

Lady Butterflies Half Marathon Training – A course for ladies who can run between 5 and 10k but wish to target one of the local half marathon’s. As part of the package a full nutrition plan and a personalised training plan taking you right up to the day.

Lady Dragonflies – A course for ladies looking to mix their training up by introducing trail surfaces to their training. A basic introductory course to trail running, including technique overview to aid with efficiency of running on this new surface area. Must be able to run between 5-10k to jon.

Whichever your level and course you select, you a starter pack on your first session giving you all the information you need, including a comprehensive running plan for you to complete alongside your course. Each week you get a different handout on nutrition, Hydration, technique and ‘all things running’ to help you along your running pathway with us. I also have discount schemes with local companies to save you money for example a 10% discount at Runners Retreat in Marlow if you mention ‘Elite Conditioning’.