Personal Training, Personalized Plans & Technique Analysis

Personal Training

Personal Training is available for clients whom want some one-to-one help with reaching their goals whether it be to get running, achieve a certain distance, increase speed or have a more sports specific goal to increase fitness speed and agility or for general fitness and weight loss.

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Personalized Race Plans

INCLUSIVE of a one-to-one running coaching session to provide a benchmark of where you currently are in your running, followed by a personalized training plan with a realistic goal to work towards,ongoing support via texts and emails during your training up to the event:

0-5k or 5 km target time – £80.00 (6 week plan)

5-10 km or 10 km target time – £100.00 (8 week plan)

10 km – Half Marathon or half marathon target time – £140.00 (12 week plan)

10 km – Full Marathon or marathon target time – £180.00 (16 week plan)


Running Technique Analysis

A full one-to-one session going through your complete running technique, using the latest video to provide a full analysis of running style with a one-to-one full follow-up report to review findings and go through suggested exercises to aid with developing a more efficient, stronger and faster running style.


Fitness testing and analysis

Ad-hoc Personal Training session for an overall fitness analysis – great for highlighting strengths and weaknesses before developing a plan (includes full fitness test report)

1 hour – £50.00

Personal Training

Full pre-consultation to discuss needs and requirements, production of FULL training plan for duration

45 minute sessions at £45.00

6 x 45 minute sessions at £40.00 (paid in advance) = £240

12 x 45 minute sessions at £37.50 (paid in advance) = £450

30 minute sessions at £37.50

6 x 30 minute sessions at £35.00 (paid in advance) = £210

12 x 30 minute sessions at £30.00 (paid in advance) = £360

All of the above services can be purchased as gift vouchers too – so why not surprise your running lovers with a unique gift.

Additional Nutritional support available

I use a balanced approach to nutrional intake, based upon activity level and fueling for your individual lifestyle.

Food diary analysis & 4 week suggested food plan = £80.00

Personalized Plans

Personal training Packages