Booking – Christmas PAUG Sessions





Running Bugs technique – This one hour coaching session is designed to give you an introduction to running technique. The session will begin with some theory into what makes good running form followed by warmup and technique drills around the track and finishing with a thorough warm down routine.
Before booking onto this session you should be able to comfortably run more than 3km continuously and be free from any injury’s. The session will be held at Bracknell Sports Centre and we will meet in the main reception area 10 minutes before the session is due to start where a track ticket will be purchased as part of the session price.

Running Bugs Run Club – A simple 1 hour run from Cantley Park, Wokingham to burn of those extra Christmas calories and keep some running focus through the Christmas period.

Lady Dragonflies – A simple 1 hour run on the trails of The Look out, Bracknell. To blow away the cobwebs of Christmas in the beautiful setting of the look out.

Lady Bee’s on the track – This is a one hour sprinting session to give you an introduction to sprinting technique including two optional speed sessions for building speed over 100 – 400 m sprint events or a track session for building 5 km + speed. Session is available to all those wanting to try out sprinting and no pre=requisites. The session will be held at Bracknell Sports Centre and a track ticket must be purchased before the session and is not included in the price.

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