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ALL COURSES reduced to £40

As part of my 40th Birthday celebrations I am offering all courses running through June – July

for only £40

Lady Bugs Beginners 0 -5 km

Lady Birds 5 -10 km

Lady Butterflies Half Marathon

Lady Dragonflies Trail Running

Running Bugs 5 km or 10 km Run Club

Have you ever wanted to learn how to run? Perhaps you have run 5k but don’t have the confidence to up your distance to 10K or maybe you are a regular runner who is looking to bring another dimension into your training, perhaps just getting faster is top of your list.

Whatever your goal, Elite Conditioning has a solution for you. Running courses in the local area from complete beginner, intermediate to advanced to help you achieve what you currently believe is the unachievable.

Sign up. You won’t believe what you’ll achieve.

The hardest thing will be tying your laces.


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